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Resident Hippo Transferred – BUT HAPPY

The City of Cape Town’s Biodiversity Management branch recently successfully relocated a hippopotamus from the City’s False Bay Nature Reserve to a guest farm in Mossel Bay. The hippo was met with a pleasant surprise upon arriving at her new home. Read more below: In November last year, the staff from the City’s False Bay […]


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Weir Closes TODAY – and Litter report

Greetings all … Interesting points below for your attention …   Feedback from our FNR colleagues are that the weir will definitely be closed today and the impact on our environment has been positive, even for the shorter period that the water has been allowed to flow out to the ocean.   Wow! All we […]


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The Story of Aya and Shay – Amazing Cold day reading

Greetings All ….THIS WILL warm your soul … enjoy!     The Story of Aya and Shay   On a Sunday afternoon about thirteen weeks ago a baby Egyptian gosling, seemingly abandoned by its parents and siblings at the yacht club, discovered new parents in Shay and Lee and their dogs who live at Interlaken. […]


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    Dear Resident and Stakeholders The annual drawdown will commence from tomorrow the 27th May 2020 till approximately the 05th June 2020 In these unusual times we are facing it was decided to have a dramatically shorter drawdown with the only purpose being to ensure continued good water quality and getting rid of water […]


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REPEAT! Autumn Butterflies of Zeekoevlei – ZOOM Talk Tonight AGAIN – 19.30

Greetings All ….  DUE TO DEMAND as last night was great (over 30 people attended!)     2 Notifications for everyone to enjoy! This is a Citrus Swallowtail (Photo Tracy G Zeekoevlei) A number of butterflies will be disappearing for a while from Zeekoevlei within just the next few weeks. All sections of FBNR are […]


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Lockdown level 4 – Local Clarification – THE WEIR

      Greetings All …   Great to see that our local residents are sticking to the rules and still getting some great exercise in public spaces. Social distancing is definitely the order of the day and it will help to flatten the curve ….                  Just a […]


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LOCKDOWN Level 4 Clarification

Sharing so that we are ALL clear ….  Stay safe all …   CITY OF CAPE TOWN   30 APRIL 2020   STATEMENT BY THE CITY’S EXECUTIVE MAYOR, ALDERMAN DAN PLATO   Parks, beaches, reserves remain closed under Level 4 lockdown   Together with officials from the City of Cape Town, we have studied the […]


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Drawdown 2020 – Feedback

RE: FALSE BAY NATURE RESERVE: ZEEKOEVLEI DRAWDOWN 2020   Dear Residents We will be performing a drawdown as soon as possible after lock down. The drawdown will take place only to allow nutrient rich water to be flushed out of the system and “fresh” water to come in. This requires a series of cold fronts […]


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Greetings All, We trust that you are all safe and sound in these unusual circumstances we find ourself in as a country. Tough, but needed to ensure that we are protected as much as possible. Our hearts and wallets go out to the less fortunate out there! It was great to see our residents generously […]


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FoZR Related Activities – ENJOY!

Greetings All   At our social gathering we shared that we also collaborated with other Friends groups to ensure that the common environmental message got to all communities. This week saw FoZR and Friends of Tokai do just that in TOKAI PARK where over 600 school kids were taken through various exciting areas to ensure […]