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SPRING WALK THIS Saturday – Fantastic Day Planned

Greetings all, What can be better than donning those flowery attire and getting out into nature with a local expert on Saturday, the 7th September. The weather forecast looks amazing and we have asked all the birds, animals and even the plants to put on a huge show on Saturday.   Join The False Bay […]


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Gantouw Feedback Function IS TONIGHT – 6.30 for 7 pm

    Just in case you were wondering …. Feedback on this unique and exciting project, about the ELAND performing what they do best, will be THIS EVENING and we look forward to seeing you all there ….   Topic: Gantouw Project Feedback Venue : CTEET Premises in Peninsula Road Date: 29th August 2019 – […]


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Confirmation 29th August GANTOUW PROJECT UPDATE-

Greetings all ….   The great news is that this Thursday is confirmed for us to get first hand feedback on this unique and exciting project.   Topic: Gantouw Project Feedback Venue : CTEET Premises in Peninsula Road Date: 29th August 2019 Time: 18.30 for 19.00 Refreshments: Butternut soup, French loaves, Crunchies, coffee and tea     […]


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OWLS and Gantouw update – Save the Date.

Greetings All … Still have to pinch ourselves to see if we are dreaming at the amazing sight of our beloved vlei so filled up with water. The abundant animal life seems to buzzing with excitement at the prospect of spring arriving soon! Sailors. rowers, powerboat users,  are starting to appear as if they are […]


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Collective Efforts Yields Amazing Results – TEAMWORK!

Greetings All,   Yep … it has been a long and hard road that we have travelled with most stake holders in the Zeekoeivlei and surrounding areas ….. Long emails… Detailed reports on Rubbish flowing in.. Videos about sludge and muck flowing in.. Meetings behind the scenes – not so nice ones as well… But […]


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  Every pair of hands WILL help…..  We look forward to seeing everyone. …        


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Clean up with CTEET – Saturday – 8th June

Greetings everyone… Please join us this Saturday at 09.00 to give Mother Nature some much needed help in removing dirt from the vlei’s shoreline and river mouths…. FOZR and CTEET are joining forces to make sure that we make a difference again…. See details below…..     See you all on Saturday ready to make […]


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Amazing First Rains – BUT….!

The welcome rain sounded so great on our roofs and I knew the sight in the morning promised to be one of FRESHNESS and great views across our beloved vlei …   Wow!  Nature did not disappoint at all …..   BUT ……  Yes … a HUGE BUT ! let me zoom out and you […]


Reminder – Exciting Topic TOMORROW- 15th May 2019- Discovering the Cape’s hidden species

How many species are there in the Cape Floristic Region? Since the advent of taxonomic exploration in the Cape flora in the 17th century up until the present, 9 383 vascular plant species have been described in the Cape, making it the smallest and third-richest of the world’s global biodiversity hotspots.   Dress warmly and […]


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FOZR Reed Removal Project in Public Areas

FOZR had taken the decision, in conjunction with our partners at Falsebay Nature Reserve, to spearhead the removal of reeds ( Roots and All) at the overgrown public areas in the drawdown period. The project was co-sponsored by FOZR and another donor with our ever willing Falsebay Nature Reserve team in full support as they […]