Minutes of PAAC Meetings

Join this worthwhile organisation!

Join this worthwhile organisation!


PAAC – Protected Areas Advisory Committee

  1. The Minister of environment set up PAAC’s to improve on management of SA’s protected areas.
  2. False Bay Nature Reserve was declared in 2016 incorporating the 5 ‘nature reserves’ making up the FBEP – False Bay Ecology Park which was assisted at the time by the FBEP Steering Committee.
  3. The FBNR PAAC was formed and since the reserves cannot be expected to listen to 2 bodies, the FBEPSC was disbanded in favour of the PAAC which is a legislated body with more ‘official say’ than the old steering committee.
  4. FoZR was invited to be part of this PAAC and nominated FoZR members as its representatives on the PAAC.
  5. The PAAC hold the City of Cape Town responsible for the management of the FBNR in accordance with the FBNR management plan.
  6. Being a legislated body, the CoCT HAVE to listen to the PAAC. (of course they don’t have to action our suggestions)
  7. It is a body meant to assist and co-operate in finding best solutions to issues in the reserve.
  8. It has escalation first to the Mayor office then directly to the Minister.


Below are links to PAAC meeting minutes.