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Dear Resident and Stakeholders

The annual drawdown will commence from tomorrow the 27th May 2020 till approximately the 05th June 2020

In these unusual times we are facing it was decided to have a dramatically shorter drawdown with the only purpose being to ensure continued good water quality and getting rid of water borne foreign materials that have a negative effect.

The winter rains have arrived with more good rains predicted on Thursday 28th May 2020 and as such we will be opening weir tomorrow to allow for a flush of the system i.e old water out new water in.

This is by no means ideal as we would prefer longer drawdown but this activity will help keep the water quality to a level that is well in the range for safe recreation usage for the year to come and keep the whole ecosystem in balance as far as possible.

Plans are underway for next year to ensure more effort is placed on litter removal, reed maintenance and water hyacinth eradication.

We thank you for your continued support and commitment to making the vlei a good place to live and play.



Asieff Khan



Stay safe and HEALTHY all……..


Be a Friend 🙂

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