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World Cleanup Day – 17th Sept

16 Sep Posted by in News and Events | Comments

All the action takes place on Saturday and we expect this to be one of the best attended clean ups in Zeekoevlei …….

A few things that are lined up

1.Deputy Mayor, Eddie Andrews says he will bring many politicians and City Officials. … and he always delivers!
2.Nature Connect will be bringing 16 Conservation Learners along to assist
3.Zulfa is bringing 26 Eco Buddies to assist

  1. Rehad Desai from Uhuru Productions will be filming the event for an upcoming Documentary on the Water Crisis in CoCT
  2. Zeekoevlei Yacht Club has very kindly opened their doors to this event. Hopefully some members will come to assist as they have been advised as well…. Thanks ZVYC!
  3. There will be loads of prizes and fun for the whole community
  4. There will also be a team of Landlubbers transported to the Big Lotus to collect litter – Rangers will be onsite to ensure safety…. and Alex has arranged some uniformed LEAP officers as well…. THANKS ALEX in the background!
  5. We still need residents to come out in huge numbers with canoes and kayaks so that the litter that is hidden between the reeds can be removed easier….. example is around the island…. best remedy will be canoes and kayaks. We look forward to seeing you all on the water …. with safety gear like usual…. We will make sure that boats are anchored close by so that litter can be dumped in them to be towed back to shore by other skippers.

So Saturday is going to rock ………!

The tentative programme is the following ….

Meeting with CoCT, FOZR and Nature Connect

The 3rd of September was a wet and cold Saturday … BUT…

For those living on the water’s edge and saw the two speedboats buzzing around the vlei, note that the drizzle do not stop us taking the Deputy Mayor and our local councilor out as planned. The goal was to show them the positive effects that the teamwork between the City and civil society had achieved. The area opposite Pelican Lodge that was a disaster a week before the vlei filled up…… looked great! This is where the deputy mayor came and helped 2 Saturday’s ago.

The rest of our water body is looking amazingly clean at the moment … thanks all!

We also used this opportunity to show them the areas that still have litter trapped in it and that will be actioned by the FOZR Green team as we raise funds to deploy them. Co sponsorships are being explored by us at the moment and was discussed at the session after the vlei tour…

Various issues raised with concrete next steps in place and we know that positive outcomes can be expected as we push issues to its conclusion…

Some items discussed were: Squatter camp near Dumpsite, Proactive steps to minimize sewage into environments, Reed encroachment and of course … LITTER!

A proposal document discussed with details and the deputy made copious notes and having dealt with him before, we expect action on this so that our environment benefits, since our goals are actually the same!
The outcomes of the meeting was worth getting wet on the vlei… love it!

Thanks to all involved behind the scenes … the carrot cake and biscuits were amazing!

Deputy Mayor and Cllr meeting FoZR and Nature Connect

Additional Litter Fence Feedback

Now that the fences are in and working 100 percent the way it should … we are elated that the CoCT has delivered on their promises and their contractor is cleaning the fences daily to make sure that it does not get damaged by huge loads of litter.

The fence at Big Lotus doing what it is designed to do!
Our mazing partners producing great work. The Litterboom Project delivers!

We look forward to seeing you all at the cleanup on Saturday 17th September at the Yacht Club


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