Cleanup TODAY at 09.00 – It’s ALL systems go!

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Good Day all …..

This cleanup has been advertised on many other forums and I apologize for only sending it out now via this method – Checked my DRAFTS earlier on and to my horror- still sitting there….

 (Me as an infant – really, same hairstyle!)

Eish …. I trust my sincere apology is accepted so that i can move on and smile now …..



We would love to have every one at the cleanup today but due to the Covid rules in place, we cannot allow people to share boat space with none family members as social distancing is virtually impossible on our relatively small vessels.

Therefore today’s clean up will be for people who have their own boats / canoes / kayaks / etc …   and all safety equipment to ensure that we comply to regulations.

If you need to launch a vessel for this cleanup, please use the launch Site at the FalseBay Nature Reserve (FNR) offices but have all required documentation and full safety equipment as they check it as part of the standard process.





Please note that we will be arranging another SHORE based cleanup very soon, so watch this space and we look forward to seeing you all there.

(A VERY special team will be joining us at the shore based cleanup- Hint – TV…..)


Stay safe all …. and warm…. SEE YOU ALL…



Come and Join the team

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