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Bat Mist Netting

Hi All The weather is perfect and I will be erecting a mist net at the Zeekoevlei Environmental Centre on Peninsula Rd at 19:00 this evening. We are hoping to catch a bat(s) for identification purposes for the student conservation group that is presently at the education centre. We will be finished at 21:00 latest, […]


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Bat Boxes

The University of Stellenbosch is presently  doing research on bats and is wanting to survey any bats that are presently staying in bat boxes at Zeekoevlei. To increase the sample size they will also install free bat boxes for any residents who may want them. There are a limited number; any one wanting a bat […]


False Bay Nature Reserve a Ramsar site!

On the 2 February 2015 the Deputy Minister of the Environment, Barbara Thompson, handed over a Ramsar certificate to the False Bay Nature Reserve. The Ramsar convention was named after a town in Iran, where in 1971 an international convention was entered into between countries to conserve wetlands of international importance. The primary goal of […]


Zeekoevlei Eastern Shore event

Many people have noticed the large pavilion of tents that has been erected on the eastern shore of Zeekoevei. This is in anticipation of tomorrow’s pubic event where the Deputy Minister of the Environment will present a Ramsar Certificate to False Bay Nature Reserve (including Zeekoevlei). Several hundred people are expected to celebrate World Wetlands […]


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Lost Canoe

A canoe has washed up at the Zeekoevlei Environmental Centre. If anyone has lost such a canoe please check with Mary or Elzanne at the Education Centre.


Puffadder at Rondevlei

A Puffadder at Rondevlei this afternoon.


Carp Fish dying

Common Carp (Cyrprinus carpio) have been dying in large numbers in Zeekoevlei over the past few weeks. This is assumed to be as a result of the Koi Herpes Virus that is presently active in the vleis in the south of Cape Town. Common Carp are an alien species of fish originating in Europe and […]


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Rondevlei Fire 2 January 2015

Rondevlei has had four fires in the past week; the first one on the 30 December 2014 that burnt seasonal wetlands on the southern side of the vlei. The recent fire on Fri 2 January started on the western side of the vlei near 14th Ave, Prince George Drive. The wind at the time had […]


Water Bird Ringing tomorrow at Rondevlei

The weather is looking good for water bird ringing at Rondevlei (False Bay Nature Reserve) tomorrow. We will be targeting the colony of Glossy Ibis tomorrow and other water birds we might find in the reed beds. If any FOZR members would like to assist there is space for four people to come along on […]


Seed Collectors needed

With spring winding down I am looking for anyone that can assist in collecting seed from the veld in Rondevlei (Erica field) and Zeekoevlei (van Blommestein Park). This would take the place of a short bit of training and collecting of seed on Mon, Tues and Wed at 5:00 – 6:30om next week. We would […]