Bat Mist Netting

17 Feb 2015 Posted by in Environment, Uncategorized | 1 comment

Bat man & Friend (1)Cape Serotine Bat - Zeekoevlei (1)

Hi All
The weather is perfect and I will be erecting a mist net at the Zeekoevlei Environmental Centre on Peninsula Rd at 19:00 this evening. We are hoping to catch a bat(s) for identification purposes for the student conservation group that is presently at the education centre. We will be finished at 21:00 latest, or earlier if we catch a bat at twilight.
Anyone is welcome to drop in to see if we have caught anything and to have a look at the finer points of bat identification.

  1. Dee02-17-15

    Some would say you BATty Dalton, but they Mist the point!
    I say:
    You so Cleva, Dalton

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