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Puffadder Release 4 November 2017

Yesterday a small group of the Friends of Zeekoevlei & Rondevlei (FOZR) released a female puffadder into the southern side of Rondevlei. She was removed from a property in the southern suburbs the day before. Those who were present at her release saw how quickly an animal like this can disappear into a small bush […]


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Leopard Toads calling

Hi All The Leopard Toads have started calling which means that females will be crossing the roads. Please take extra care when driving, especially at night.


CTEET – Weird and wonderful wildlife holiday programme! 27 – 30 June 2016

CTEET is hosting a holiday club for children ages 8 – 11 at the Zeekoevlei Environmental Education Centre between the 27 – 30 June 2016.


Youth Day 16 June 2016; Eland walk

Hi All Tomorrow is a public holiday and due to the rains we are unable to have our annual beach braai day at the Zeekoevlei weir beach. However as a last minute consolation for those who are up and about early there will be a morning walk with the Eland in the veld at Rondevlei. […]


Monthly Bird ringing at Rondevlei tomorrow

A reminder tomorrow will see monthly bird ringing take place at Rondevlei from 8 – 12 (weather dependent). With the cold front passing the day might prove to be bright and sunny. Bring along your breakfast or coffee and join; entrance free to Friends of Zeekoevlei & Rondevlei members. Last months ringing was very successful […]


Zeekoevlei Draw Down 2016

The 19th annual draw down took place at the Zeekoevlei weir (where else?) yesterday. Below are a couple of pictures of the event as we watched the vlei go free! For a short video on the event go to:


Rondevlei Ecological burn

The ecological burn of the eastern shoreline of Rondevlei was successfully completed last week; with a cold front coming on behind and reducing the amount of time needed to manage the fire. Some pictures below show scenes from the ecological burn. The area that was burnt had vegetation that was mostly 40 years+; where as […]


Rondevlei Ecological Burn – tomorrow 20 April 2016

An ecological burn will take place along the eastern shoreline of Rondevlei tomorrow 20 April. Wind and weather conditions are predicted to be good to burn this area of the Rondevlei Section of the False Bay Nature Reserve. Most portions of the area to be burnt have not been subjected to fire in over 40 […]


False Bay Annual Birdathon – 16th April 2016

Hi all The fourth ANNUAL BIRDATHON at Strandfontein (False Bay Nature Reserve) is to be held on the 16th April. This family event includes a fun walk with birding and has proved very successful in past years. If anyone can help with this event as a marshal or to help in registration, it would be […]


Caracal collared at Rondevlei

Below are some images of a male Caracal (Rooikat) who was collared at Rondevlei a short while ago. Nicknamed Xolani, he is part of a study on urban Caracal in Cape Town conducted by the Urban Caracal Project. This project will give some idea of how Caracal manage to survive in the urbanised city environment. […]