Leopard Toads calling

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Hi All

The Leopard Toads have started calling which means that females will be crossing the roads. Please take extra care when driving, especially at night.


  1. dagny08-10-16

    Hi Dalton
    Thanks for letting us know.
    Helen and i put signage up yesterday,
    we will be patrolling nightly, so anyone who is interested in assisting on the nights we have larger numbers, Please let me know. Mail me your mobile number and i will add you to a whattsapp group for this season.
    i appreciate any and all the help we can get.

    HOTSPOTS: between tennis courts and Skippers end.
    Perth Road – historically the most fatalities here.
    the toads seem to funnel down from here into Perth and towards Rondevlei gate.

    Fishermans walk and surrounding roads of Rondevlei fence. – ie Victoria from Peninsula superette towards the Vlei, Otters Creek, Woodrow, Crickets, Egrets…all areas to be vigilant around.

    Please move toads off the roads onto the Rondevlei side if that is the direction they seem to be heading. Please send me information on how many, where and when you see them. If possible info on dead or alive? male or female?
    males have darker throats and tend to ‘purr’ when picked up.
    Females are creamier on the throat, generally a bit larger than males as they may be full of eggs.

    thanking everyone for any and all help….
    Friday night we expect rain and more activity on the road.
    be careful and drive slowly please…

    all the best,
    Peninsula Road

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