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Our Local Superstar – Spotlight on LEGO the Leopard Toad!

Greetings all, Not always we can say that one of our locals have reached  Read the amazing story of LEGO and how he has reached  “superstar status” while a couple of his friends might not have made it.  His recovery has been ongoing and he is adapting well… read further and we trust that this […]


27 Jul Posted by in Environment | 3 comments

Endangered Western Leopard Toads – A Courting they GO!

Greetings All, You may have woken to a wonderful roaring calling coming from the vlei and surrounds this morning! These are our delightful fellow vlei residents, the endangered Western Leopard Toad. The Zeekoevlei Western Leopard Toads are currently migrating. Yippee! This means that they are moving from your gardens and the fields where they live […]


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CTEET needs our Expertise – Let’s Do it!

Greetings All … Please see the note below for assistance and we know that our very able residents will be contacting the writer offering their assistance Appreciated. Good Day Member of the FoZR The Cape Town Environmental Education Trust (CTEET) is in need of people who can assist us with handy-man tasks at our campsites. […]


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Clean up Zeekoevlei- 23rd June 2018 – All ABOARD !

Please join the Friends of Zeekoevlei & Rondevlei for a Clean Up of Zeekoevlei and surrounding areas on this Saturday 23rd June from 10:00am. We will be meeting at the bottom of Victoria Road, where it becomes a cul-de-sac. Please bring your boat along and if you have to launch at the Environmental offices Launch […]


16 Jun Posted by in Environment | 6 comments

Zeekoeivlei Overflowing-Effective Engineering Saves the Day

Sailing today with all the water in our vlei was amazing and thought I would share how great engineering of the past is making sure that our homes are not flooded in heavy rainfall times. There has been discussions on other forums about whether the weir would cope, will it be releasing enough water into […]


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Bulrushes expected to ‘fluff’ around beginning of autumn

From: CITY OF CAPE TOWN 13 APRIL 2018 – a bit late guys but better late than never I guess MEDIA RELEASE The City of Cape Town’s Environmental Management Department wants to assure residents living in areas such as Grassy Park, Lotus River, Pelican Park, Milnerton and parts of Table View that they should not […]


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Water Hyacinth in Zeekoevlei

Dear Residents, sailors, rowers, skiers, swimmers, paddlers, birders and fisherpersons We have a problem in Zeekoevlei and need your help… The False Bay nature reserve has recently discovered water hyacinth in Zeekoevlei. We have been conducting water hyacinth checks and removal for about 4 weeks and it seems that the water hyacinth is restricted to […]


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Stop dog fighting and all cruelty to all animals

Hello everyone, Once again, in 4 weeks time, I am running the two oceans half marathon to stop dog fighting and all cruelty to all animals. Please support me by making a donation to my cause. I have created a charity site that puts the money directly into the SPCA account. If you prefer I […]


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A request for a boat

Hi All, I received an appeal from members of the Princess Vlei Forum as follows, In 2017 the Princess Vlei Forum made lots of good progress in looking after and managing Princess Vlei. Thanks to a fundraising grant there is now a full time manager at the Vlei – Denisha Anand. Denisha’s efforts are being […]


The latest buzz – singing Carpenter Bees …

If you have driven down Peninsula Road recently you would hopefully have noticed the pink floral display on the “Erica field” at Rondevlei. These pink flowers are from Orphium frutescens (Teeringbos), whose flowers have waxy petals to allow them to flower later in the harsher conditions of summer. This allows them an advantage over many […]