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Heady Maiden Moths

    These two Heady Maiden moths were mating this afternoon on Rondevlei’s “Erica Field”. The plant they are on is the Rondevlei Spiderhead (Serruria aemula foeniculacea), a type of protea now found no where else but at Rondevlei.


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Black Sparrowhawk youngster

I photographed this young Black Sparrowhawk on Monday (4 Aug) at Rondevlei. You will notice in one of the photos that is has colour rings on its legs and was rung last year on the 19th September 2013 by Ann Koeslag on the Alphen Trail in Constantia. Black Sparrowhawk are one of the larger local […]


Trident Spiderhead back at Rondevlei after 60 years absence

Serruria trilopha, otherwise known as the Sand Serruria (or Trident Spiderhead) is a a type of Protea with a limited distribution on the lowlands between Cape Town and Malmesbury. It has a patchy distribution and is globally listed as “Critically Endangered”, which means it is threatened with potential extinction if the present threats against it […]


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Western leopard Toads on Roads

Hi All it is that time of the year again and the female toads are on the move! Up to seven male Western Leopard Toads were heard calling along the northern shoreline of Rondevlei over the weekend and the females, full of eggs, are moving toward them. Please be extra vigilant when driving in the […]