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05 Feb 2015 Posted by in Environment | 11 comments

The University of Stellenbosch is presently  doing research on bats and is wanting to survey any bats that are presently staying in bat boxes at Zeekoevlei.

To increase the sample size they will also install free bat boxes for any residents who may want them. There are a limited number; any one wanting a bat box should let me know at and I will pass on the names to University of Stellenbosch.

bat pic

  1. Theo Stock02-05-15

    Hi Dalton,
    We have a very active batbox, and would also like another one if possible.

    Thanks Theo

  2. Vanessa02-05-15

    Hi all — can we build a bat box into my renovation? The owl box is already in place. Please let me know soon — upstairs roof going on round about now, might be an ideal roost.

    cheers, Vee

    • Dalton Gibbs02-06-15

      Hi Vanessa
      You could build on into the house, but I would recommend one of the outside in case it has to be cleaned out or unwanted residents (bees or wasps) have to be removed.

  3. veneta gent02-06-15

    Hi Dalton

    I have plenty of bats. I live on the waterfront side and would love to have a bat box and partake in the survey.


  4. Dean Amey02-06-15

    Hi Dalton,

    I would love a batbox at our house at 26 Otters Creek..



  5. dagny02-06-15

    i would really fancy one if there is one going…

  6. Simon02-06-15

    Us too please….but I did read the email and emailed Dalton at

    So all you guys unfortunately are going to be batted to the back of the queue for not being compliant with the request


    • Dalton Gibbs02-06-15

      Hi Simon
      Thanks for your email – you were quick off the mark with an email, but I have had so many requests that you are 10th on the list! Will see how many Stellenbosch will provide.

  7. Stewart & Liz02-06-15

    We’d be very happy to have a bat box.

  8. Peter Burton-Moore04-29-15

    Hi please can you give me plans for a bat box to build one myself. We have a house in Pearly Beach near Gansbaai and will have to dislodge our bats in the roof for a renovation

    • MoonDance04-29-15

      I will pass this on to Nature reserve people to advise you

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