Annual Zeekoevlei Drawdown

06 Apr 2017 Posted by in Environment, News and Events | 1 comment

Hi all,

Please click on the link below to see a letter from the False Bay Nature Reserve regarding the annual Zeekoevlei drawdown.

Draw Down letter 2017

  1. Trevor04-06-17

    “No jetties may be constructed; nor existing jetties replaced. A jetty policy will be drawn up in the near future to address existing jetties around Zeekoevlei, but no further jetty construction will be permitted.”

    When will this future be near?
    This exact paragraph has been copied and pated into the shoreline maintenance newsletter for the past 5 years and still there is no jetty policy

    It would be appreciated that the waterside residents be consulted as to the specifications and when this will be finalised

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