The Eland has landed

Hi All

Following the talk by Petro Botha on 27th November, the Eland from the Gantouw Project made their first successful walk into the Strandvled of the Cape Flats on the 3rd December. The animals all behaved well and have since then been doing two walks a day out of their boma. This is a training period to ensure that they know where their boma is and that they will return to it in the evenings. Their present walk times are 8:00 – 10:00 and 12:00 – 14:00 although this can change depending on the weather and how the animals are behaving. Anyone wanting to see the Eland are welcome to view them through the fence at this time. If you are doing so please remember not to put any part of your body through the fence, avoid sudden movements and don’t use a flash if taking pictures.


Talking of pictures; here are a few from the event courtesy of Bruce Sutherland.


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