Camera Trap Photos at Rondevlei

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I thought I would share the following photos taken by camera traps recently deployed at Rondevlei. Several camera traps were deployed adjacent to Peninsula Rd,  some 50 – 250 m from the nearest houses. What follows is a selection of species recorded over three weeks in this area which is immediately adjacent to the houses on Peninsula Rd. Hopefully it gives us a better appreciation of the amazing place  which we call home.

Cape Hare

Cape Hare

Cape Robin-chat

Cape Robin-Chat

Cape Spurfowl

Cape Spurfowl


Young male Grysbok



Large-spotted Genet

Large-spotted Genet




These animals were extinct on the Cape Flats; we re-established them in the late 1990's.

Rooikat/Caracal. These animals were extinct on the Cape Flats; we re-established them in the late 1990’s.

Small Grey Mongoose

Small Grey Mongoose

Spotted Eagle-Owl

Spotted Eagle Owl

Water Mongoose

Water Mongoose



  1. Julie10-01-15

    Thanks Dalton for sharing. Quite amazing.

  2. Charlene Jefferies10-01-15

    How wonderful!

  3. bev ing10-01-15

    wow wow wow, that is great news, welcome back to rondevlei especially to the karacal. must make you feel so proud Dalton to have all this wildlife at your fingertips.

  4. Len Davies10-01-15

    Lovely to know what lives on our doorsteps – thanks Dalton!

  5. Jimmy Baigrie10-01-15

    Fabulous stuff, Dalton, thanks so much. Are all these snaps or are some extracts from video shots? Does not the Peninsula Rd-facing back of the Eland shelter provide a fine space for a large noticeboard (quite easily rain-proofed?) picturing FBN Rondevlei/Zeekoevlei “current affairs” of this nature? A similar one could inexpensively be constructed inside the fence opposite the shop, as the Vlei-Boat noticeboard is too small for this purpose? Thanks again, j.

  6. Trevor10-01-15

    Amazing. Thanks for the pics.
    Africa (Zeekoeivlei) That’s why I live here

  7. Emma10-01-15

    Stunning. It’s hard to believe these are our neighbours too.

  8. dee10-02-15

    Wonderful news .. exciting stuff!

  9. Lee J.10-02-15

    Stunning! Thank you and your crew for EVERYTHING you are doing and have done. So special!

  10. dagny10-06-15

    i love this, please keep sharing…was very happy to see the genet. Exciting stuff.
    who is keeping logbooks of the sightings?

    • Dalton Gibbs11-09-15

      Hi Dagny

      The sightings are kept on our online biodiversity database –

      I would like to train up any interested local residents so they can add sighting information.

  11. Faaizah11-08-15

    As a wildlife enthusiasts from the Cape Flats, I didn’t know Cape Town had the most amazing creatures to walk this Earth. I have travelled to many places in our country including the Kruger National Park in anticipation to meet the Big Five when all these other significant animals were right under my nose.

  12. Renata03-29-16

    Thank you so much for sharing this! It’s wonderful to know these creatures are right on our doorstep.

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