Fynbos planting – 16 June

Leucadendron levisanus female - Rondevlei 2006

A female Leucadendron levisanus which we will be planting on the 16th June. According to old records this used to be the commonest member of the Protea family in Cape Town, being widely found across the Cape Flats. Now some 800 remain in the world and they are listed as “Critically Endangered”.



Leucadendrons are found as different sex bushes; this is a male. Since they are mainly wind pollinated we need to be sure to plant these guys up wind of the female bushes!


Hi All

Where: Rondevlei main Gate
When: 09:00 – 12:00 16 June

The 16th June is the Western cape’s Arbour Day as it makes no sense to plant something in September when it is about to stop raining!

With the recent ecological burn on the northern shore of Rondevlei we now have a blank canvas and can add to the diversity of plants that will come back from the ashes. Come along on the 16th June to the Rondevlei main gate where we will be planting local fynbos plants along the main public path. We will also be planting up the new leopard Toad breeding pond that has been created.

No heavy duty walking shoes needed as we will be on the main path – bring a spade if you have one. Come along even for a short while if you cant stay long. We will be done by mid day for those attending the afternoon beach braai and volleyball at Zeekoevlei.

  1. neil06-11-15

    I would love to come but I am away. Enjoy, Neil

  2. Dee06-15-15

    I hope that some of my family will manage to attend … (I am…. sadly … at work)

  3. Liz06-15-15

    Sorry – am also stuck in my office. So much for hands-on wetland conservation!!!!

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