First frogs of the season

15 Apr 2015 Posted by in Environment, Uncategorized | 6 comments

With this tiny bit of rain has come the first frogs calls of the winter season. Clicking Stream Frogs (Strongylopus grayii) have started to call with their “click .. click…click” calls. This is the only frog species calling at Zeekoevlei at the moment, with several individuals often calling at the same time. The call has a slightly metallic sound to it, with longish pauses between calls from the same animal. Listen for them on Peninsula Rd or van Blommestein Park the next time there is some light rain. As can be seen by the pictures, these are small frogs only a few centimetres long. The differ greatly in colouration and are best identified by their call and the lack of webbing on the hind feet.   Clicking Stream FrogClicking Stream Frog - Kenilworth (reduced)

  1. Mascha & Don Ainslie04-15-15

    How fabulous! We have seen a grey heron regularly coming by & catching and eating a frog at our waterfront – hope there are still enough left!

  2. Trevor04-16-15

    Saw a beautiful flock of Flamingos outside last night

  3. Jen Gerlings04-16-15

    I also saw the flamingoes last night. The ‘clicky’ frogs remind me of my childhood + those metalic clicker frogs we used to click.

  4. Charlene04-16-15

    Yes! I hear the frogs. I think I also heard a leopard toad outside three nights ago.. it was rather loud. And the flock of flamingoes! Breathtaking!

  5. Egonne04-24-15

    The flamingoes are getting more but I haven’t seen the frogs. Please advise me where to go to see the frogs. I often see the grey heron but how close can I get to see what he is eating. I have some stunning photographs of the pelicans and flamingoes.

    • Dalton Gibbs04-28-15

      Frogs are notoriously difficult to see; most records of frogs are from the calls. Locally one can see Clicking Stream Frogs in van Blommestein Park section of the nature reserve, but only after some good rains.
      After the first good rains there are often frogs on the first section of Peninsula Rd where they unfortunately get squashed by cars in large numbers.

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