A request for a boat

24 Jan 2018 Posted by in Environment | 1 comment

Hi All, I received an appeal from members of the Princess Vlei Forum as follows,

In 2017 the Princess Vlei Forum made lots of good progress in looking after and managing Princess Vlei. Thanks to a fundraising grant there is now a full time manager at the Vlei – Denisha Anand. Denisha’s efforts are being supported by EPWP workers. They are currently busy with clearing the water hyacinth. They are wading in and hoicking out what they can but Princess Vlei is deeper than Zeekoevlei and the process would be greatly helped with a boat.

Do any of you have a small boat that you haven’t used for ages and that you would be happy to loan or give to Princess Vlei? The boat could be kept in the pre-fab at the Eco centre on the Heathfield side of Princess Vlei.

If you can help please contact Emma Oliver on 021 705 5502 or 073 605 4070.

  1. Trevor01-24-18

    What is happening about the repeated request to clear the North shore of Wondering Jew?

    When do we start looking after our own vlei?

    Its always Rondevlei and Princess Vlei. Look at Home bay. It’s overgrown with reeds and Jew and when we try to do something about it, we get slapped with a 10 year old copy and paste shoreline maintenance plan.

    Come now. Surely some official- like people can do something constructive?

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