Shout out to those fine people defending the bush from this afternoons fire in Rondevlei!

11 Nov 2017 Posted by in Environment | 5 comments

Thanks you guys, also John, Nicky and Kai and the the others who turned out for the impromptu gathering 🙂

Dirty boys with spades

Dirty boys with spades


  1. Mascha11-11-17

    Thank you, thank you everyone! Your efforts are SOO much appreciated!

  2. MoonDance11-13-17

    Theo is missing 3 spades and 2 shovels, please let me know where they are…


    I was thinking we need some kind of emergency contact group that is only activated when help is needed (like this fire) the request went to Dee asking for spades and people to move hoses and fresh water (to drink) and she contacted a few locals and I did too and lots of people who would have like to have contributed were left out. We need to have a better comms plan in place…, I think fire season is gonna be hectic this year.

    • MoonDance11-13-17

      I was thinking FoZR, SRA and others,
      I was thinking a fire/emergency group on Whatsapp (and/or other platform) that isn’t like the Egrets way security group one – i.e.. constantly on.
      I was thinking of a dormant group that is activated by one or 2 central people and stays active for that short while and then goes silent again.
      Let me know if you are interested in taking part or any ideas you have about this.

  3. Wendy Deary11-13-17

    Thank you so very much guys. So appreciate what you did.
    Good idea Richard.

  4. Tom Schwerdtfeger11-20-17

    I’m in. Good idea Rich.

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