Quick before the vlei fills up

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This is an appeal to help from Charlene Shaw, lets help and support –

Wandering Jew - don't wander here in Zeekoevlei

Wandering Jew – don’t wander here in Zeekoevlei

Hello neighbours! Here is a chance for as many of us as possible to jump into action and help our beloved Vlei: The little island on the Otter’s Creek side of the vlei is completely covered in Wandering Jew, an invasive alien plant that chokes everything in its way and spreads like wildfire. Join me, Emma Oliver and as many helpful people as possible this coming Saturday at 10h00. We are determined to free the little island from the invader. The more hands in gloves and feet in galoshes, the easier our task will be! Arrive at end of Victoria Road at 10 am on Saturday, bring a strong black bag/garden bag to carry out heaps of invader to the reed pile. If you live opposite the island, just walk in from your home. Bring a flask of soup/tea to fortify yourself. I look forward to working alongside you! Please share this with your friends and people who care about our environment.

Charlene Shaw and Emma Oliver

for info – (Commelina benghalensis, commonly known as the Benghal dayflower, tropical spiderwort, or wandering Jew, kanshira in Bengali, is a perennial herb native to tropical Asia and Africa. Wikipedia)

#commelina benghalensis must fall

#commelina benghalensis must fall

  1. Trevor07-06-17

    This is my post right here on 2 May 2017

    Please come and check a reed bank on the North shore opposite 12 Otters Creek, as there is a dense growth of Wandering Jew in-between the reeds.

    Years ago we had a channel cut between the reeds, now its fully closed up with Wandering Jew and Hyacinth.

    To date many emails with pictures and nada/ Nothing.

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