Invasive Species Talk – 9 February @ 19:00

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Hi Everyone, if you missed the fascinating talk on some of the most endangered butterflies in the world (only 30 – 40 left ON EARTH!) don’t miss this talk on the effects of invasive species on our fauna and flora. What is happening is often not understood by those not directly involved with conservation. There are ducks contaminating the genetic integrity of closely related ducks all across the world, including our very own indigenous species! A rapidly growing perennial aquatic plant in our vleis, dams, and rivers, altering the water chemistry and composition to the detriment of other organisms.

These are just a few situations caused by invasive species on the Cape Peninsula. Come and find out more about the invasive species affecting our Peninsula, what is being done about them and how you can help!

Do you know about the wandering Jew? Well wonder no more, What does a guttral toad look like and how does it affect the endangered Western Leopard Toad?

What is the law regarding alien plants in our gardens?

Come and ask/find out…

Mallard duck (

Mallard duck (

Presented by the Invasive Species Unit. Please RSVP to this event.

Date: 9 February 2017
Time: 19:00
Venue: Rondevlei Lecture Hall (Corner of Perth Rd & Fishermans Walk, Zeekoevlei, Cape Town), secure parking is available

Cost: R20 for non-members – so you might as well become a member, only R75 for a years family membership, R50 for an individual, all the money goes back into conservation. There will be talks on various subjects every month and also monthly outings, walks and events.
(FoZR members – free – please bring along your membership card)

If you would like to become a FoZR member there will be a sign-up facility at the event – please refer to the membership form on the homepage.

Water hyacinth (

Water hyacinth (



  1. dagny01-23-17

    such a pity that i wont be able to make it…i would love to be there, it sounds very interesting. thanks for the information.

  2. Trevor01-23-17

    I’m always amazed at why South African and in particular Cape Town conservationist want to keep a species pure.

    Look what they did to the Tsars on Table Mountain and now they want to re- introduce it.

    Look what they did in Australia and now the whole ecosystem is a mess.

    If these geese/ ducks, chickens, whatever wants to be impregnated by other species, leave them alone. Its evolution.

  3. Trevor01-23-17

    email corrected.

    Obviously Australian conservationists did that in Australia.

    But what I can add is the elephant culling in the Kruger National Park in 1994

    I think I make the point

  4. MoonDance01-24-17

    I hope Trevor will be at the talk so he can learn what is incorrect with his statements above. 🙂

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