Hip Hippo Ray – Young Hippo in Zeekoevlei

21 Aug 2012 Posted by in Environment | 1 comment

There is a young hippo loose in Zeekoevlei, again, lol only much younger this time. Please take care when in or near the vlei, please do not approach the animal, it is being monitored and Nature Conservation are working on getting it back into Rondevlei. It is believed that the animal will return to Rondevlei on its own accord if undisturbed by us humans.

Passive capture funnels have been put in place in the reserve fence line today. These funnels are being used to get it back into Rondevlei without the risk of more “escapees”

The animal has not been sighted since yesterday evening.

If/when I hear more I will update this.

One vlei user had the following to say:-

“Its great that Cape Nature can spend millions on their new centre, but there are not enough funds to keep Hippos in Rondevlei or to properly clean up Zeekoevlei.”

I believe he is talking about the False bay Nature reserve HQ on the Southern shore

and a resident sent me the following….

“Reminds me of my favourite poem of Zeekoevlei:”

A lady hippopotamus
Found that life was too monotonous
Her mother didn’t tell what was what

She was rather quite attractive
And her glands were overactive
But Her popularity didn’t spread to gentlemen she knew.

Now It may seem quite irrelevant
But one day she met an elephant
And he to her looked hippo-pink
Just what happened to be sure
Is a little bit obscure
But hippoparently she didn’t stop to think
And the wages of her sins
Were several hippopicanins
Who really didn’t have a hippopop!!

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    IOL’s version – lol not sure if this is a bit misleading or not

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