New Grassy Park Drop Off Centre for Recyclables Opened

Now there is simply no excuse left for residents in Zeekoevlei and Grassy Park to NOT recycle.

Opening its doors every workday from 8 AM to 5.30 PM and located conveniently next to the Scout Centre (on Victoria Road between Klip Road and the M5) with the new one-stop-shop Drop Off Centre it has never been easier to do your bit to minimise the amount of valuable materials we discard off as “waste” and that are currently filling up our landfill sites unnecessarily.

According to the operator Craig Daniels the Drop Off Centre accepts next to the more conventional recyclables such as paper, cans and glass also more unusual materials such as Tetrapak, Polystyrene and even electronic waste.

Since the Drop Off Centre opened its doors earlier this year the number of household drop-offs has steadily increased (to about 16 per day) but clearly the centre does not operate nearly close to full capacity and hence needs your support URGENTLY.

Parts of the proceeds of recyclables sold is donated to the Scout Centre- therefore you do not only your bit to save the planet but also support your local scout group at the same time.

Leaving the best for last: While it is obviously appreciated if households find the time to pre-sort recyclables into various categories (paper, plastic, glass, cans etc) it is not expected and the Drop Off operator will happily accept your bag of clean MIXED recyclables – hence providing you with the ultimate convenience in home recycling.

For more information please contact Craig Daniels at 083 241 4159

  1. Neil Major05-19-11

    I have dropped off our re-cycling here twice. It is supa-quick. Very convenient.

  2. MoonDance05-23-11

    I did it too – great – quick and easy – I was driving to Wynberg b4

  3. Peter van Kervel05-07-13

    I deliver about a car boot-load of plastic to the Scout Hall, per week. My only problem is that I am a pensioner, and come all the way from the Montague Estate area, which is about a 9km round trip. Do you not have any collection points closer to where I live.
    I would also like all in my neighbourhood to start recycling, but I need to have a pamphlet to drop at each home in the area, to make them aware that this facility is available in our area.

  4. Sharafit01-09-17

    Hi there,

    Is this drop off point still available?

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