Hit and run Peninsula Rd Zeekoevlei, 5 KILLED!!!!!!

02 Sep 2010 Posted by in Environment, News and Events | 4 comments

Last night the Zeekoevlei leopard toads decided it was time to go courting, their desires were short lived, no less than 5 were run over between number 1 & 5 Peninsula Rd. What about the rest of the area?

This was done by SOME residents of Zeekoevlei Nature Reserve (though many drive with real care) and visitors to the area, this in spite of publicity in the press and emails from this body they could not slow down for a mere 100metres.

an idea of size, this is a little one

The toads are not small a least the size of an orange, is it not to much to ask just to drive slowly and look out for one or 2 nights of the year? They are also easily visible as a shiny white rectangle in the car headlights.

And this one was only a baby

I will close off with a curse to the guilty parties “May the miggies of a 1000 summers infest your home this summer, with no leopard toads to eat them”

Remember “LEAD SA” put yourself out for others

  1. Mariolane09-02-10

    I second the curse!!!

    Come on people, don’t just ignore nature – without it we are nothing!!!

  2. MoonDance09-02-10

    They will move again as soon as the next rains fall, Monday predicted but could be anytime now for the next while, make a difference!

  3. Helen Lockhart09-10-10

    Dagny, her mom and I have been out on the road every night since Thurs night last week, looking for toads and assisting them to get across the roads safely. Thurs night was a busy night and we successfully managed to assist 6 beautiful toads safely across the road. One of these six was pointed out to us by security guard David Solomon – it was outside the mens’ toilets of the Education Centre. However, the carnage far outweighed the success and there were probably in the region of about 20 freshly squashed toads – one of which, a large female, was still alive although all the organs were coming out her mouth when I tried to pick her up. It was very sad.

    Friday night was more successful – with the help of Claire Taylor and Russell Stevens (both from the Aquarium) we successfully assisted about 15 toads across the road and had in the region of just 3 fatalities. I was very excited to find a pair in amplexus in Perth Road and to be able to get them to the wetland safely. They are really beautiful animals. Sadly, a large female who was full of eggs was squished right outside Rondevlei…

    On Sat night we rescued 5 toads with assistance from some of the residents in Coot Road who showed us where the toads were just outside their gardens. I think there were just two fatalities.

    It has been quiet since Sun night with no further sightings of alive or dead toads.

    The hot spot areas seem to be:

    • Outside Dalton Gibbs’ house in Peninsula Road
    • Between the guard hut in Peninsula Road (opposite the Education Centre) and the Skipper End turn-off
    • Perth Road between Rooikrans and Fishermen’s Walk
    • Rooikrans Road between Victoria and Perth Roads
    • Fishermens Walk between Rondevlei and Victoria Road
    • A four way stop between Fishermens Walk and Victoria Road (outside Peninsula Superette)

    The toads are hard to miss in that they look like large stones in the road. People just need to drive more slowly and be on the look out for them.

    We could have fewer fatalities on the roads if we had more hands on deck during the crossing season!

  4. kelly09-21-10

    congratulations on your wonderful website

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