Recognition for great work

17 Aug 2010 Posted by in Environment, News and Events | 4 comments

  1. MoonDance08-17-10

    FOZR for president

  2. James08-17-10

    Well done to all involved

  3. Sharon08-30-10

    Great Work!! What you put in is indeed what you get out!

    Dee, Have you already finalised the 2010 dates for the Zeekoevlei Biathlon & Eco-Festival?

  4. Dee09-02-10

    Hi – Committee is ruminating over the viability of the event. It entails much work!! But my guess is that we will do it every 2 years and not every year. So the next will be in 2011. Any suggestions re improvement of the event and creating better fund-raising capacity will be gratefully received. Suggest you email me directly! Thanks, Dee

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