Chairpersons Report from the Friends of Zeekoevlei and Rondevlei AGM 2010

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Chairperson’s Report Back: Dee Cranswick

Chair / Legal – Dee Cranswick
Vice-chair – Lee H. Watson (and Minutes)
Treasurer – Ingrid Baigrie
Membership & Projects Susanne Dittke
Secretary Communications (Media, Editor, Website/Digital Media) – Laurianne Claase
Fundraising – Colleen McDowell
Activities – Neil Major
Reserve Liaison – Asieff Khan

Name: Friends of Zeekoevlei and Rondevlei (FoZR)
Contact Person: Dee Cranswick
Street Address: c/o Rondevlei Nature Reserve Fishermans Walk Zeekoevlei
Postal Address: 15 Peninsula Road Zeekoevlei 7941
Telephone: 021 7056103
Fax: 086 6722324
NPO: 062-491

Section 18A tax status In application
Banking Details: Nedbank, Claremont Branch No: 104609 Savings Account No: 2046663500
Accountants: M Hyslop CA (SA)

The FRIENDS OF ZEEKOEVLEI AND RONDEVLEI group is an apolitical, community-based organization that aims to promote local environmental interests. Its focus is to assist local authorities with the protection of our unique biodiversity, especially the much-threatened sand plain fynbos, through creating public awareness and assisting with efforts to eradicate alien invasive species.

To promote the conservation of the Zeekoevlei and Rondevlei Nature Reserve by forming active teams of members to carry out various duties under the guidance of the Reserve Manager/Curator, such as:

  1. identifying and mapping alien plants and eradicating them
  2. helping in soil erosion control
  3. listing and monitoring natural populations of indigenous species
  4. helping to plan, construct and maintain nature trails
  5. producing information brochures and field guides
  6. conducting outings in the Reserve for parties of scholars, students, scientists or visitors
  7. setting up or contributing to information, interpretative and environmental education centres, and a field museum
  8. the generation of funds from the creation and sale of, – inter alia, posters, postcards, dry flower arrangements and by any other means
  9. the propagation of plants from seed or cuttings, obtained from the Reserve for sale to the public, for planting in the Reserve and surrounding areas.
  10. To embark upon any projects consistent with the objectives of the Reserves

Current Membership: 2008/2009: 29 families, 5 single memberships

Annual Membership Fees:
Individual (includes Pensioner/ Student) – R45
Family – R60
Corporate –R500
Anyone who endorses the objectives and constitution of the Friends is welcome to join the Friends. If holding / elected to any party political office or holding a position (volunteer or paid) within any political organization, he/she is not eligible to hold an office-bearer position within the FRIENDS OF ZEEKOEVLEI AND RONDEVLEI Executive

Activities in Financial Year ending Feb 2010
The 2009/10 year was almost exclusively dedicated to the ZeekoeFees, which took almost 6 months of dedicated effort and planning from a very conscientious committee


  1. Entertainment on the day was carried by the Barley Corn Club with help from fisher folk, fusion games, stall holders etc.
  2. Hipathon attracted about 30 people (b) Green Homes and recyclable sachets
  3. Mostly as a result of the sponsors, we managed to come in at a profit
    • PETCO recycling; Rose Foundation, Poly Styrene packaging Council, coke canners, mark Dittke, Woolworths, many local sponsors for gifts and giveaways
  4. Nursery raised some profit

Raising money:

  1. DG Murray Trust application made but not successful


  1. Wn Cape Leopard Toad Project
  2. Talks and Walks
  3. Rehabilitation group
  4. Opening Weir
  5. FoZR site and electronic newsletters
  6. Watchdog activities
  7. Vlei Talk – published quarterly, ZCA funds printing
  8. Nursery
  9. Bird Ringing

Ramsar follow up:

Joanne Jackson Head: Project and Partnership Development Environmental Resource Management Department reports that she had been in contact with the SA Ramsar representative at the national Department of Environmental Affairs. It had been proposed that the representative visit the site to discuss matters relating to an application. Thereafter, council process for the necessary approvals would be embarked upon.

(Note: Ramsar: The Convention on Wetlands: Intergovernmental treaty adopted in Ramsar (Iran), 1971
Came into force in 1975.
Only global environmental treaty that deals with a particular ecosystem.
‘Its mission is the conservation and wise use of all wetlands through local, regional and national actions and international cooperation, as a contribution towards achieving sustainable development throughout the world.’
RAMSAR list: List of wetlands of international importance March 2009 – more than 1 830 wetlands, (< 170 million ha) included in the Ramsar List. Benefits: International conservation status, Financial and technical assistance offered to Ramsar sites to implement wetland conservation and wise use projects.)

EXPENDITURE 2009/10 ie ends Feb 2010:

  1. R10,000 in reserve for Cash Flow and Legal expenses
  2. R5 400 to Rondevlei Nature Reserve to help fund an Assistant Environmental Education Officer (AEEO)
  3. Ostriches – was R2 500 but only 4 so R2 000 for 2010/11
  4. R500 for WESSA membership
  5. Van Blommenstein R3 300 clearing and cleaning
  6. Rondevlei Pruning Saws R1 895

What we plan to spend money on in the future

  1. AEEO
  2. Van Blommenstein worker – Litter clean-up and alien plant removal, cutting down trees, planting indigenous plants; if FoZR fund one worker, Rondevlei Nature Reserve will supply another worker
  3. Pruning saws – One saw for each team; assists with combating alien vegetation clearing
  4. Wessa

New Projects:

  1. Follow up on Dredging Zvlei? Where we are: EIA completed and RoD issued – dredging with conditions permitted – but on hold coz funding. Millions. Perhaps FoZR can get copy RoD and ask for a time frame to implement (coz the RoD will expire)
  2. Dumping sewerage – Dune – taking up this issue again – letter to mayor – legal action
  3. Speed bumps – and Culvert – engineering dept – but not high priority. 3 otters been hit there over years
  4. Guttural toad – Awareness campaign – residents need to put toads in bucket and phone so we know if this is leopard or otherwise. Leaflet drop
  5. One more young calf – boma ready and not sure whether male or female – may need boma help
  6. Commilina bengelensis– Pushes seeds in ground so need a huge sustained effort – is all over W-n Cape – Need bio-control. FoZR can ask Plant Protection Institute at Sanbi. Strategy required. Meanwhile, perhaps we can ask residents to manage own areas and pay for spray?
  7. Midges Probably variable reasons ie fish population and environmental effects – is something City scientific services need to deal with – but is probably linked to need to do dredging etc ie symptom. We will ask City to set up public meeting to explain midges management
  8. Erf 259 – Council tried to do land swop – they can’t find money. Apparently the developers now want to put up 4 houses. Most of site shouldn’t be developed coz contains endangered vegetation type. If conservation, it is attached to existing conservation area and won’t be more expensive to manage. But City hasn’t got money to acquire land. So we have to perhaps get clear guidance from City re what they plan to do. Part of FBEP etc.
  9. Proclaiming full conservation boundaries – FBEP – need to support at Public Meetings on 18th May – Pelican Park and Rondevlei – we need to draw up management plan for FBEP – we need support for the boundaries and that we want it proclaimed.
  10. Princess Vlei shopping Centre – they have to go back thru public participation process coz RoD is about to lapse. Environmentally – shouldn’t have a shopping centre but if there has to be a development – then the developers must pay so that we can manage the balance of the area environmentally well
  11. Need to follow up on registration for protection under the Primary Aquifer Underwater Act of 1998? Candace Haskins – scientist City dealing with Catchment Management


  1. Need new committee members
  2. Should there be an increase in subs? Yes after World cup
    • Individual (includes Pensioner/ Student) – R60.00
    • Family – R100
    • Corporate –R500

Finance Overview 2010
28 February 2010:
As per attached Annual Financial Statement

Dee Cranswick
Chair FoZR
June 2010

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