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Help prevent the spread of an aggressive invader, the Guttural Toad

The City of Cape Town’s Biodiversity Management Branch, in partnership with CapeNature, is embarking on a project to protect our indigenous toads and frogs. An aggressive invader toad species, the Guttural Toad, is rapidly establishing and spreading in our area and we need your help!

Guttural Toad (Amietophrynus gutturalis)

Guttural Toad (Amietophrynus gutturalis)

These are a problem in this area.

Please show any toads to Rondevlei before releasing them into the vlei or surrounds.

Western Leopard Toad (Amietophrynus pantherinus)

Western Leopard Toad

(Amietophrynus pantherinus)  These guys are red book endangered species and need our protection.

Guttural Toads pose a serious threat to the survival of our indigenous frog and toad species, especially the endangered Western Leopard Toad as they compete for habitat, resources and breeding grounds.

The introduced Guttural Toad is an invasive toad species. They occur in a 5km range in the Constantia Valley area AND HAVE NOW BEEN HEARD IN ZEEKOEVLEI they are known to breed in artificial garden ponds.

Each female Guttural Toad is capable of laying up to 25 000 eggs. If this population is allowed to continue to spread along the greenbelts there is a very real threat of them colonising all major Cape Town water bodies in the future with potentially disastrous consequences.

Guttural Toads have a loud guttural snoring or rattling call and call in the summer months, unlike the Western Leopard Toads that call only in August and September.

We need to assist in identifying their distribution and getting rid of them.

We urge all residents, especially those who border the Vlei and greenbelts, to assist us in a project to stop this invasion before it is too late.

Please contact us if you have seen or heard any Guttural Toads on your property.
Contact person:
Otto Beukes
Project Co-ordinator
Biodiversity Management Branch
City of Cape Town
Cell: 071 255 2220

  1. Alna Adlem12-03-17

    Are they invacive in Mpumalanga too? I live in Marlothpark, adjacent ti Kruger National Park

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