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Note 1. See 4. below and please deliver asap.

Note 2. Send any good photographs at high resolution of local flora, fauna, educational, social, sporting features or events around ZV or at ZVYC, ZVSC, ZV Pen Sec or Friends to or for CTCC FBEP promotional publicity leading into and during 2010. Major sponsorships are possible.

Note 3. These notes are personal, informal and have no official status at all. They are intended only to update ZV residents and other interested parties who may not be on official circulation lists. Please follow up and check any points of interest before relying on any extract.­­_________________________________________________________________________
1.New R7-10m headquarters for False Bay Ecology Park now 50% complete on south shore.

New False Bay Ecology Park HQ - on the Southern shore Zeekoevlei

New False Bay Ecology Park HQ – on the Southern shore Zeekoevlei

New False Bay Ecology Park HQ - again

New False Bay Ecology Park HQ – again

New False Bay Ecology Park HQ - looking towards Table mountain - I wouldnt mind this office

New False Bay Ecology Park HQ – looking towards Table mountain – I wouldnt mind this office

2.   88,000 visitors to Zeekoevlei via Strandfontein Road boom gate between July 2008- June 2009. 22,000 visitors between July-September 2009. This is very high for winter months and confirms continued increase in visitors, with Pelican Park development still to come.

3.   Asieff Khan, manager of ZV, now promoted to manager of FBEP. Penny Glanville, manager of RV, now promoted to manager of Tygerberg. Josh Gericke is new ZV manager. Tamryn Allen is new RV manager. Congrats. and thanks recorded to Asieff and Penny. Welcome extended to Josh and Tamryn.

4.   Water hyacinth containment targeted on all water-bodies for summer 2009/10. Josh urgently needs 2000x2litre plastic bottles with sealing caps to act as flotation for floatline which prevents shoreline water hyacinth drifting out into other areas. Milk, fruit juice or cooldrink 2 litre plastic bottlles work fine. Please deliver to Rondevlei office at gate in black bags or in tied bundles. URGENT PLEASE THANK YOU URGENT THANK YOU.

5.   Concrete 2metre palisade fence on west (Lavender Hill) boundary under constant assault.

6.   Weir metal machinery not attacked nor any vagrancy at weir since Sitewatch tower operational.

7.   Five break-ins at new W.C Birding Centre on South shore. Aluminium doors, windows, metal railings and gates repeatedly removed. Josh and Vicky to review with Sitewatch.

8.   Illegal fish removal from some water-bodies being acted against by Nat.Con. in conjunction with WCape Freshwater Angling Association. Poaching above legal limits and at night identified at ZV. Now under surveillance. Water craft net-poachers at night suspected at ZV. If so, this represents a new major ZV shoreline security risk for residents.

9.   Several documentary films on environmental/conservation themes made around ZV and in FBEP over past year. “Waterways of Cape Town” documentary recently commenced with canoe trip from Airport via Lotus River to ZV and Strandfontein. Video clips for next meeting in December?

10.   Grand West Corporate Social Investment sponsorship continues for educational projects, including cost of 500 scholar camping nights per annum for Environmental Education.

11.   ZV Peninsula Security guards under Vaughn Thompson linked with Kuffs Security as security protection for Peninsula. Armed Response being investigated. Kuffs are CTCC Nature Conservation Security Providers for FBEP and elsewhere.

12.   CTCC regulations intensified and implemented vs. release into water-bodies of phosphates and sewerage.

13.   ZV Yacht Club activity at a high level.

14.   ZV Sailing Centre for local schools now coaching 15-20 teens each afternoon Mon – Fri. Wednesday morning programme commenced for Cafda Skills School. Saturday competitive sailing for best and most enthusiastic pupils. Best teams sponsored to club and provincial regattas. ZVSC coaches Shane Hendrickse and Daniel Agulhas (themselves products of original ZVYC/Rotary/Metropolitan Health Group development sailing programme) recently won International 420 Class 1st place at E.Cape provincial regatta at Mossel Bay. OM lead sponsorship with active support from Nussbaum Foundation, Jag Foundation, Wynberg Rotary, MHG and others generating great results for local youth. Generous recently-approved Rondevlei Sub-Council Grant-in-Aid R30 000 will attract more schools and sponsors.

15.   W. Cape Rowing upswing led by SACS winning National Championships. Early problems with security on south shore. Increasing rowing planned from new Rowing Centre on South Shore.

16.   Pelican Park Phase 1 construction commencing mid 2010. Phase 1 = 3,500 units with estimated 13-15,000 new residents on east shore. Phase 2 still under objection and pre-approval. Phase 3 much later.

17.   Friends of ZV and RV 3rd annual festival on Saturday 21 November at site of ZV Peninsula Education and Community Centre, opposite ZV Pen Sec Guard Hut. Circulars to follow and all details available from the Friends via

18.   FBEP Ramsar Status application not yet received by CTCC from Friends.

19.   CTCC pursuing proposal with Development Bank of SA for funding of major consultative Long-Range Strategic Development Plan for FBEP. (Link with Ramsar application?)

put together by Jimmy Baigrie, many thanks to him.

  1. Brendon05-12-10

    Any News on the Power boat club, CPAC? Heard there is a new slip way being built and then the club will be started from then. Please e mail me as you seem to be in the know


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