Hippo still wallowing in sewerage works

19 Feb 2009 Posted by in Environment | Comments

From Sapa

A male hippo named Zorro remains in the sewerage works on the Cape Flats despite attempts to lead it back into the adjacent nature reserve, the City of Cape Town said today.

The young male was named Zorro because of a jagged scar on its back, likely to have been inflicted by its father Brutus during a spat which led him to the safety of the sewerage works.

City spokeswoman Penny Glanville said a one-way passage leading back into the adjoining Rondevlei Nature Reserve had been installed so Zorro could return to his herd.

“Unfortunately, he has not taken up this opportunity, and we speculate that this is due to his fear of further attacks from Brutus, his father,” said Glanville.

The city had put up a gate to prevent the hippo accessing public areas and was preparing to install a mobile electric fence around the area where it was living.

“This will allow conservation staff to contain the animal in a smaller area, allowing time for the detailed passive capture operation,” Glanville said.

The 800kg, 4-year-old animal, which has been at the sewerage works for 12 days, was healthy and had access to an abundance of food and water, she said.

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