Pause for a minute to absorb the flowers

23 Oct 2007 Posted by in Environment | 1 comment

Hi, couldn’t resist taking a few picks of the Gladiolus Angustus that are out on the edges of the Seasonal wetlands right now (23 Oct 2007). Just for fun Vicky and I stuck some black velvet as a backdrop for some of the shots. If you hang around a bit, you might be lucky enough to see what pollinates them – check with Dalton for the name !

PS: Not sure how we do the pictures.. could somebody explain?

Thanks for help..

  Gladiolus Angustus Black velvet… new restio shoots

  1. admin10-24-07

    Adding Images – One way to do it

    Prepare your images in advance. Ideal size is 450px wide, 72dpi resolution. Save images in jpeg format. Save flat graphics like logos in .gif format.

    Create a new post and use the upload feature below the main text edit area to upload a prepared image from your hard drive. When the image has uploaded a thumbnail will appear under the Browse tab. There is a bug with the java on my browser so the > Send to Editor button doesn’t work. Otherwise clicking this button will add the code to your post and you are done. If you have the same problem as me use this simple workaround: click on the Edit link under Browse and you’ll see the URL of the image which starts http://, copy the complete URL.

    Go back to the main text entry area. You’ll see various buttons at the top – B I Link and others (you can make your text bold by selecting it and then clicking on the B button, or make it italic by clicking on the I button). Use your cursor to select where in the text you want to add your image and then click on the IMG button. paste the URL you copied earlier into the window that appears and click OK. Save your post and then you’ll have an opportunity to preview it. Make adjustments if you need to and when finished – publish.

    Hope that helps


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