Drawdown 2020 – Feedback

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Dear Residents

We will be performing a drawdown as soon as possible after lock down. The drawdown will
take place only to allow nutrient rich water to be flushed out of the system and “fresh” water
to come in. This requires a series of cold fronts to allow water to flow in and out the system. We
can estimate that two to three fronts will be sufficient, but it depends on the amount of
precipitation during each successive front

Management will be monitoring the weather forecast and will be able to advise the public as to the
beginning of the drawdown (date) and they estimate that two to three weeks would be the
amount of time needed.

We will however adjust and plan for a longer drawdown next year to reset the system, both
from a water quality perspective and to afford us the opportunity to do much needed reed
maintenance, water hyacinth eradication and waste management.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Be a Friend 🙂




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