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Greetings All


At our social gathering we shared that we also collaborated with other Friends groups to ensure that the common environmental message got to all communities. This week saw FoZR and Friends of Tokai do just that in TOKAI PARK where over 600 school kids were taken through various exciting areas to ensure that they ended up with a better understanding of the Fynbos Habitat.

The Friends of Tokai’s stated goal was ….


Nature Week is to get learners out of their classrooms, into nature, to bring their Life Sciences syllabus alive. Nature Week will run from Monday to Friday 9-13 March 2020 at Tokai Park.

We are expecting approximately 600 learners from Grades 6-7 and Grade 11 over the week from five local schools


FoZR was there each day and the experience with the grade 7 to 11 learners was heartwarming, encouraging and downright amazing! These kids were hungry for information and to dispel myths that they learnt in their home towns – an example of this is …  When asked what their reaction is to ANTS , they stated very confidently … KILL THEM!

Step on them!  Doom them!


But after we patiently explain to them that in the Fynbos environment ants are very important as they bury the precious little seeds to keep them safe from birds and rodents – their eyes lit up and attitudes changed completely. First comments are normally – Wow … We feel bad about killing them all in the past ….

we need to go and make sure our parents understand this now……


The whole event was planned better than a military operation and the credit must go to Dr Alanna Roberto and her team . (With WESSA involved as well)

Wow! Impressive… Busses, food, drinks, radios, labels, volunteers, teachers, learners moved around like a well oiled machine …. with the ability to adapt their plans as circumstances out of their control changed – WELL DONE!

I will share a link at a later stage where you can view some of the activities so that you can get a better sense of how amazing the last 5 days were.


AS part of the FYNBOS Festival, be advised of the Fynbos fair below and make a plan to pop in there and learn some exciting facts with like minded people – and hey … they are a very friendly bunch.


Details below …..



Watch this space for information on …..

  1. The City Nature Challenge planned for next month: Fri 24 to Mon 27 April 2020
  2. Our next local FoZR event taking place very soon


Stay excited as we live in the most beautiful city …..  and always remember ….





YOUR 2020 FoZR Committee.

Be a Friend 🙂


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