Tokai Biodiversity Gateway Project: Nature Week -volunteers needed!

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Good day All FOZR members,


See note from our sister group – The Friends of Tokai Park …


We have a wonderful event (Nature Week) planned for approximately 600 primary and high school children between 9 and 13 March 2020. Largely these will be children who seldom get such an opportunity.

I am writing to all of you as your FGs are not a million miles from Tokai and so you might have some members who are interested in volunteering at this excellent initiative.

In order to assist with the attending school children and their environmental educators during the week-long event (mornings 9 to 13 March) an optional  volunteer training session is planned for the afternoon of this coming Fri 28 Feb. Volunteers would be provided training to play a supporting role to the environmental educators each day of the week-long event, when assistance will be needed supporting each activity, guiding groups, and various other logistics.

The aim of Nature Week is to get kids out of their classrooms, into nature, to bring their Life Sciences syllabus alive. Learners will be from Grades 6-7 and Grade 11; from Shiloah Christian School, Constantia Primary, St Mary’s RC Primary, Cape Academy, Hillwood Primary, and Westlake Primary.

9 Options for volunteering each day
Introduction to Tokai Park
Activity 1: Plantation & Fynbos Vegetation Survey (theme: biodiversity)
Activity 2: Guided Nature Walk (theme: succession and fires)
Activity 3: Fynbos Restoration Trail (theme: fynbos diversity & restoration)
Activity 4: Wildlife, Small Mammals (theme: population ecology, food webs)
Debrief & Fun Quiz
Serving Refreshments
First Aid Station
Assistant to the Coordinator


If any of your members are able to volunteer, please could they complete this volunteer sign up form (

 or alternatively e-mail Alanna on with their information and preferences … 

optional afternoon volunteer session

state which morning they can attend to assist with the event

choice of activity they would prefer (see box above this para)

People may sign up for all, or just one of the mornings between 9 and 13 March.

Activity  Date  Time
Volunteer Training 28-Feb 13:00-17:00
Nature Week Day 1 9-Mar 8:30-12:00
Nature Week Day 2 10-Mar 8:30-12:00
Nature Week Day 3 11-Mar 8:30-12:00
Nature Week Day 4 12-Mar 8:30-12:00
Nature Week Day 5 13-Mar 8:30-12:00


During the week-long project (9 to 13 Mar) the learners will be in four groups of ~25 and will rotate from activity to activity. 

All 4 activities take place simultaneously.

09:00 Introduction to Tokai Park (all attendees)

09:10 Plantation & Fynbos Vegetation Surveys (theme: biodiversity) 

09:50  Guided Nature Walk (theme: succession and fires)

10:10  Fynbos Restoration Trail (theme: fynbos diversity & restoration)

10:35  Wildlife, Small Mammals (theme: population ecology, food webs)

11:00 Debrief & Fun Quiz; Refreshments (all attendees)


Best wishes


Mea Lashbrooke (WESSA Western Cape Membership, Volunteerism)


We hope our FOZR Members could assist on some mornings with this worthwhile project.


Be a Friend 🙂

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