Rondevlei – TRASH BASH – FEBRUARY 1st

28 Jan 2020 Posted by in News and Events | Comments

Cleaning up isn’t just good for the environment, it is also good for those taking part. It leaves participants feeling that they are making a difference, playing their part and being responsible for something as fragile, yet incredibly important as the ocean. The outcome of these cleanups is often much bigger than just a cleaner beach, as it changes people’s view of their role within the environment and instils a sense of responsibility towards their surrounds. Cleanups also get us outdoors and to appreciate the beauty of our surrounds.”
– Two Oceans Aquarium Communications & Sustainability Manager Helen Lockhart – Zeekoevlei Resident.


The Friends of Zeekoevlei & Rondevlei (FOZR) will be there – we hope you can make it to join in on the fun.

A huge thanks to The Two Oceans Aquarium for bring this event to our area. For more information please see…/trash-bash-invitation-two-ocea…


We are looking forward to seeing you there and making a difference !


Come and Join the team

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