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Greetings all ,


With last year’s challenges with nature still on the organisers mind, the forecast for the event last week (19th) was pretty dicy – but everyone was upbeat and on site at about 06.00 already – lots to do … lots to prepare before the expected crowds start arriving …. Looking around the area that had been carefully demarcated by the efficient organising committee, it was obvious that they had prepared for the worse… tents were totally strapped down with strong storm straps…. bigger restraining poles were hammered into place and it all screamed … WE ARE PREPARED!


Registration tables were setup and manned by FOZR volunteers and it was amazing how all the various parts of the whole event just started fitting together to create a festival ready for the crowds…… and crowds there were! They started arriving in huge numbers for the interesting walks and the enthusiasm was evident across all ages and cultures … loved it!


The busloads of school-kids had so much energy and loads of questions but their attitudes and behaviour must be commended… there is hope for the future!


The carefully chosen topics and displays kept the crowds enthralled with loads of screams as the snake handlers carefully allowed people to touch the reptiles and start overcoming their fears …



The Metro Police really impressed the crowds with the display of their fully trained canines and how they are used to detect copper, drugs, weapons and use force to stop criminals trying to get away – Wow! The crowds were fascinated and totally caught up in the moment! Well done.


NSRI did their talk and the interactions were so interesting to watch as they handled all the questions very practically and professionally … well done guys!



Then … the crowds were really enthused by the Steenberg High Band as they produced some real classical songs and had them rocking under the huge tent – Not a single person was stationary and this is what the Birdathon festival was all about – involvement at all levels.



The various birds were a hit with the attendees and the people doing the displays were handling all the queries with passion and explaining things in detail… wow … the dedication really showed and this ensured that the people attending got even more involved …..

One simple act that brought the dedication of the organising crew home was watching one of the ladies, in full uniform, going to a refuse bin and emptying it into the huge bag so that the area remained clean …. every little job added up to a great event …..


Well done to everyone involved with the arrangements and it was a HUGE success … Anthony and his full team needs to be applauded for an amazing event!


We look forward to the next one …..


Come and join the team!


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