Drawdown activities on the 26th April-5PM

17 Apr 2019 Posted by in News and Events | 2 comments

Greetings All ….  With the drawdown taking place soon on the 26th April at 5pm, we want to make sure that more people come to the weir to be part of this annual event.

Two additional activities are ..

  1. FoZR will be selling delicious boerewors rolls on site so that no one goes hungry while watching the water flow away
  2. BioBlitz

    • The reserve will be hosting a bioblitz to contribute to the nature challenge immediately after the Zeekoevlei drawdown on 26 April on the walk from the weir towards the road.

      Those who are interested need to download and sign up on the inaturalist App from the Google Play store (Android phones), it is available to iphone as well on the Appstore or alternatively bring along camera’s  to later upload there sightings on a desktop.

      Participants can add sightings anywhere in the reserve, even in their gardens as long as it’s not pets they are recording as sightings.

      For more details, click link below……….

    • City Nature Challenge How To and Guidelines

We look forward to seeing all our residents at the weir on the 26th and having a great time ….


Be a Friend 🙂

  1. Yasier06-22-19

    Hi. When is the drawdown closing because there is still lots of cleanup to be done?

    • Sidney Jacobs06-22-19

      The weir gets closed at the end of this month and all efforts are being made to cleanup as much as possible.

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