DRAW Down 2019 feedback

29 Apr 2019 Posted by in News and Events | 3 comments

Local residents and others started arriving at the weir from just after 4pm on Friday and it was obvious that the notifications on social media had also contributed to all the interest shown in this event….


With the roadworks taking place on Peninsula Road, parking was at a premium but this did not stop the environmental warriors from joining the activities at all.


The talk delivered from the Falsebay manager drew applause when he stated that Falsebay had obtained formal  NATURE RESERVE status.


Then the dedicated staff removed the sections of the weir to many oooohs and aaaaahs … as the water gushed down the river once again, taking some of the vegetation with it …



The schoolkids really enjoyed the sights and asked many questions while screeching with laughter and the joy of the experience…

FOZR was on the scene with their delicious boerewors braai so that the hungry ones could also be satisfied – Well done!

and to get the real vibe … enjoy the video below

(Thanks to John for the Pics and Zaynab for the video)


I am sure that everyone had a clear understanding of the reasons for the drawdown and look forward to our beloved  Zeekoevlei going through this important process…..  CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved in making this a very successful afternoon!


Be a Friend 🙂

  1. Richard Cammell04-30-19

    First drawdown I have missed in 15 years, I miss the vlei and all of you lot! 🙂

  2. Dalton Gibbs05-01-19

    Miss you too Richard!
    Sydney; what a brilliant video of the event – thanks very much!

    • Sidney Jacobs05-01-19

      Yep…. loved the video and it was pro actively done by Zaynab… great initiative! Great teamwork!

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