World Wetland Day Event – FeedBack

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Greetings All …

Like usual, Dalton’s talk on the importance of our precious Wetlands was sooooo interesting and he has the ability to make things so clear…. Thanks from all of us again Dalton!


Then the challenge started but the dedicated group put their shoulders to the wheel and made great progress in the allocated time. They found the dreaded plant in places that were very, very difficult to spot and were determined to eradicate ALL traces of the invasive species …..


They discovered interesting Hippo tracks and the nature lovers were totally awed by this ….but focused on finding and removing hyacinth!

More assistance will be required before the big rains start so watch this space for early notification ….

This small but dedicated group did an amazing job and the sweet things afterwards were well earned – THANKS once again!  We ALL appreciate the efforts !


Our Hero’s on World Wetlands Day  2019


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  1. Trevor02-06-19

    Sorry we couldn’t make it. Will definitely be there next time
    Well done to the ‘usual suspects’

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