Birdathon Feedback – BLOWN Away!

20 Oct 2018 Posted by in News and Events | 1 comment

So the group of FOZR volunteers arrived at the Zeekoeivlei site at 06.40 to find a bewildered group of organisers trying to work out what the next steps would be for this event today – THE WIND WAS HOWLING!


Decisions were quickly made and communication to all the volunteers started taking place very rapidly – We are going ahead with the whole event as planned as Capetonians are known to be tough, and resilient inhabitants….  THEY WILL ROCK UP!


Registration tables were manned and papers were taken out but every effort to prevent them from being blown away was in vain and many a race took place to catch them before it went into our beloved vlei … But Jocelyn won the race each time to huge applause from everyone….


THEN IT ALL happened!


Huge amounts of people started flocking into the area and spirits remained high as droves of kids and parents registered, collected water and got ready for the planned walks – It was heart warming to see the enthusiasm among all, especially the youth! The suggestion was that we supply bricks to put into their bags to prevent them from being blown away…. but they loved it!


The organisers, who must be commended for the great leadership decisions they made on the day, moved all the activities to the wildlife centre at the end of Zeekoevlei and the whole event just became a community event with huge interest shown in the live exhibits! Wow, the hundreds of kids and young at heart adults, were enthralled by the info shared by all the knowledgable staff on duty..

The local foodstalls, delicious coffee stands and abundance of fruit really created the right vibe for the event to thrive in… Well done once again and it shows that Cape Town always  delivers and that there is hope for our environment if we can keep on engaging our youth in interesting ways ….. We were BLOWN AWAY by the great teamwork!





  1. Anthony Roberts10-22-18

    Hi Sydney

    Thank you for the positive words. We are all proud of everyone involved who managed to turn a disrupted morning into a very successful event. This would not have been possible without the level heads of staff and officials involved and the help from all the volunteers who through themselves at the situation.

    We hope that next year will be a more relaxed and wind-free affair.

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