Madagascar Talk – Worth the Wait

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So the weather ‘gods  and the bad drivers tried to negatively affect the presentation last night BUT nothing stopped the delivery. I saw just over 32 people brave the cold / wet weather to be enthralled at the facts that were shared by Dalton in his normal interesting and down to earth style. The fact that so many animals are on the endangered list due to humans colonising the country is really devastating…


Humans have only colonised Madagascar in the last 1 000 years and it was amazing to see completely wild animals come out of tree tops and play right in front of humans – not yet fully understanding how dangerous humans can be.


One example of adaptations and “filling gaps” in nature is clearly demonstrated by the fact that there are no Woodpeckers in the entire country and an animal called an Aye-Aye steps in to take the place in the ecosystem…

Challenge … No bill to tap the tree looking for hollow area with tasty grubs  ?

Solution …. Developed one bony finger that does the tapping” job perfectly – then gnaws it out with adapted jaws …. Amazing animal … BUT …


always a BUT ….


Only the mother could love a face like this ….. and check out that bony middle finger!


still cute – don’t you think ….?

Some other amazing animals in Madagascar as well below … enjoy.

The evening was amazing and worth the time invested by all … Special thanks to Dalton once again!

Man – the soup was great and those brownies were so tasty … hope to see more of you there next time ….

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