Black Labrador FOUND

20 Aug 2018 Posted by in Uncategorized | 1 comment

We have found this black lab roaming Peninsula road. The dog is currently at CTEET campsite in Peninsula road. Please share so that the owner is found asap.


Kind Regards,

Elzanne Burger

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  1. Dagny Warmerdam08-20-18

    This looks like the old labbie that lives down egrets way or around there somewhere. it often roams about and usually finds its own way home….if it is that one,… i also tried to rescue it a few months ago when it was hanging around Mr K’s, Peninsula superette. it does love a bit of food and is very friendly and quite fat if i recall correctly. There are a lot of doggies that live around Crickets / woodrow / egrets and otters that free roam.
    please DO NOT take to spca as owners are likely at work

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