Aliens Gone – Indigenous Replanted – Done and Dusted!

02 Aug 2018 Posted by in News and Events | 1 comment

Greetings All,

The usual bunch arrived on Saturday morning, 24th July and we started walking over to the Rondevlei side as the working site had changed …. arriving there it was heartwarming to see that we were about 22 people in total… Yippee! the active/ hands-on workgroup is growing .. fantastic! AND all this while the toads were making a huge sound across Zeekoevlei and Rondevlei… Lovely!

Rondevlei Manager, Shihabuddeen Khan, gave us a short overview of what the tasks were with a demonstration and then the work began in ernest!


We had so much fun trying to work out the best way to get provided plants out of the plastic bags without breaking them!

Our target of planting 300 new plants were achieved in about an hour and a half with ALL the willing hands on deck…. and that was expedited by working as a well oiled machine with great teamwork!


Huge fresh, very fresh hippo footprints were found in the area we were planting in – amazing!

We loved the interesting facts shared about the area by Dalton and his staff that were on site all the time…  THANK YOU to EVERY person that took the time out of their busy schedule to come and do something for the environment … Hope to see more next time – so much fun!




  1. MoonDance08-02-18

    Nice work everyone, I miss this…

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