Western Leopard Toad – Getting Ready!

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The Endangered Western Leopard Toad (WLT) breeding migration takes place during August/September when toads move out of our gardens over the roads and towards the breeding ponds of zeekoevlei and Rondevlei.

Yes… it is almost THAT time again and our very special toads are getting very excited and ready for the great trek to their partners!
BUT ….. (enter there fellow earth inhabitants – HUMANS!)

During this time, many of our Toads are lost due to Road carnage, as people simply speed over them. Unfortunately the population in our area has declined in the 10+ years that “toad loving residents” have been moving toads due to being killed on our roads.

This is a matter of huge environmental concern as Toads and frogs are indicator species. (An indicator species is an organism whose presence, absence or abundance reflects a specific environmental condition. Indicator species can signal a change in the biological condition of a particular ecosystem, and thus may be used as a proxy to diagnose the health of an ecosystem.)
also, the continual rise of miggies is also due to a lack of predators upon them. Frogs and Toads , along with a myriad of other species do love to snack on these little insects and their larvae. Wow! Bring on the Western Leopard Toad babies in their thousands please – loads of “miggie-snacks” here!

In an attempt to restore our WLT numbers, or at least to save what is left, the committee hosts an annual public briefing for anyone interested in assisting by patrolling the streets and helping toads to reach the breeding ponds safely and not end up as roadkill.
This month the meeting will take place on Saturday the 21st July at Tokai Library at 13h30

If anyone is interested in assisting or volunteering to help save our valuable Toads, they are welcome to attend the briefing, or they may get in touch with:

Dagny Warmerdam

Endangered Western Leopard Toad Committee
Zeekoevlei, Rondevlei and surrounds Co-ordinator
083 741 5787

directly to assist during the Zeekoevlei season.

They have a WLT Zeekoevlei whatsapp group that is used to let interested parties know when the toads are moving so that they can assist on those 2 -3 nights with moving toads off the roads and to the breeding sites.
Anyone who is interested can please contact her directly at and give their name/s, email address and number to be added to this group.

Also watch this space for notification of an exciting talk on the Western Leopard Toad at Rondevlei T-Room VERY soon… not to be missed!

Save our Toads!

See what is done to achieve this … with amazing results…

Be a Friend 🙂

  1. Cate Erlank07-19-18

    as residents we all also need to adhere to the 40km speed limit on Peninsula Rd (myself included!)

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