Cleanup Drone Footage 2018

10 Jul 2018 Posted by in News and Events | 5 comments

Greetings All……  enjoy the short video of our successful cleanup.  Thanks to Gershwin for the video…..


Must say that the vlei is looking amazing with all the water and the otters are sooooooo active. .. love it!





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  1. Colleen Mc Dowell07-10-18

    So well done
    Thank you

  2. Charlene07-10-18

    Thank you TEAM FOZR! Thank you for this great mini documentary! Cheers to raising awareness of caring for our beautiful sacred Zeekoevlei!

  3. Cate Erlank07-11-18

    We are hugely indebted to Gershwin for this video. The hours that must have gone into it. I think he needs a public acknowledgement!

    • Sidney Jacobs07-12-18

      He has been thanked and he is a happy camper … more to follow with future events.

  4. Ilse Menck07-14-18

    Thank you Gershwin! Great video and effort!

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