Alien Vegetation Cleanup Sat 28th July- Von Blommenstein Park

24 Jul 2018 Posted by in News and Events | 1 comment

Aliens must go!

Aliens must go!

Join FOZR on this Saturday, the 28th July at the cul de sac at the end of Victoria road to clear alien vegetation that are having an adverse effect on our local flora and fauna. These plants are using our valuable water resource that could be nurturing our much needed local species. Might even be planting some new local plants as well!

All you have to do is ….

  1. Be there at 09.50 this Saturday morning
  2. Bring along a spade and any other relevant garden utensil
  3. Do not forget those lovely garden gloves as well
  4. Bags will be provided
  5. Will end at 12.00 … so only 2 hours of doing our bit for our environment..

Come along with a sense of wanting to achieve the goals with all our residents and lets make a difference in an area that we enjoy… going to be a real fun event!

PS. Might even see some of our Western Leopard Toads if Dagny manages to speak to them in time.


Come and Join the team, would be lovely to see you there….

  1. Dagny Warmerdam07-25-18

    Ha Ha! thanks Sidney…I managed to speak to them yesterday Tuesday 24th and how they chorused! they could be heard all along the western shore of zeekoevlei.

    Last night brought the males out in force and Van Bloem was full of hopping toads. Please keep out of the reedbeds as the males are calling from there which means the females will be laying their eggs along these areas.
    Any plant removal from the reeds at this time of the year could in fact interfere with the breeding of our endangered western leopard toads.

    You will definitely encounter some toads living in the park. Please photograph from the top and send me the pics. also average size and sex. Males are browner under the chin, females creamy. If you are unsure, just send me a pic.
    It is vital to keep records of the toad population for future planning. more to be told at the talk…..if the toads let me do it next Thursday.

    thanks, see you in the park…
    go slow on the roads
    respect our toads

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