Hyacinth Plant Removal Zeekoe

12 Jun 2018 Posted by in Uncategorized | 1 comment

A week or so ago, the request went out to be on the lookout for the very, very invasive Hyacinth plant. A resident, whilst sailing, noticed a small clump of the growth and removed it immediately but as they were leaving, saw more of the dreaded plant.

Next morning a call was placed to our environmental office to report it as requested. Amazing to see how this office sprung into action as they were prepared to take on the invasive species. Early one morning the efficient team on bright yellow canoes started scouting the area that was pointed out and soon they were paddling relentlessly to and fro with huge loads of Hyacinth.

Removal was done asap to ensure that it does not find its way back into our water……. A HUGE thank you goes to our environmental team for the fantastic support and action once again – YOU are all the best!

  1. Cate Erlank06-13-18

    Great team work, thanks everyone <3

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