Connecting Vlei with the Sea – Sea Fish return to Inland Waters

20 Oct 2017 Posted by in News and Events | 2 comments

Hi Subscribers, Friends and Vleibors, just a heads up…

Did someone say Sushi?Did someone say Sushi?

After yesterdays fascinating Talk on The Gantouw Project and Colleen’s bobotie (that made many a tummy purr) FoZR and Friends invite you to another talk on Thursday evening 26 October at 18h30 (a little bird told me lasagne will be on the menu this time) at the Rondevlei Tearoom.


Rondevlei TearoomRondevlei Tearoom

The speaker, Dalton will enlighten and entertain you with tails(sp) of spawning, swimming upstream and overcoming obstacles. I guess I could have said fish ladders, but that doesn’t sound as ‘cool’. 

When did the ocean fish stop living in Zeekoevlei and why? Can we get them back and how? What about polluted rivers? These and many other questions will be answered on Thursday.

We do need to have an idea of numbers for catering, please email to confirm your meal !

Feel free to bring your own liquid refreshment. See you there !

If you don’t put it in your diary and book a meal, you know you are going to forget… just saying 🙂

Did someone say sea fish?

Did someone say sea fish?

What about the Carp?

What about the Carp?

  1. Gene Watson03-04-18

    So sad to see Rondevlei Nature Preserve without water. In 2009/2010, you could not see hippos in water. Glad Zeekoevlei is doing better.

    • MoonDance03-04-18

      It’s actually a good thing Gene, the natural cycle is in full swing and the Vlei’s are in really good shape. The hippo’s are happy and all is well in the False Bay Nature Reserve.

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