Cell Phone Tower at the Yacht Club

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Hi All

Yesterday I received an email from a resident concerned about an application to re-zone part of the Yacht Club so a Free Standing Cellular Communications Base Station can be erected on the premises.

The proposal is for a 12m high cell phone tower and infrastructure for MTN. (I notice already that with the ‘goody’ on the top it’s already 13.5m, why cant they just be honest?) (and how many more ‘goodies’ might follow at a later stage?)

Tower type: 12m Flagpole

Tower type: 12m Flagpole

Some concerns raised by some residents are as follows…

  1. They underestimate the spatial extent of the potential impact, and
  2. Far too few people have been notified and invited to object, comment, or represent.
  3. FoZR have not been notified or asked for comment
  4. and neither has the Zeekoevlei Civic Association (I thought this was mandatory in the case of a re-zoning)

Whilst many people understand the need for increased cell phone tower presence due to the high demand, some objections to the proposed position for the tower are:

  1. The extreme visual impact,
  2. The potential health risk in such a dense residential area, and
  3. The potential risk to birds from the radio emissions  (this is a RAMSAR site).

Whilst the proposal promises no risk to people or the environment, I personally am not convinced…

Because of this I am including the proposal here for the larger Zeekoevlei community to consider.

While I personally feel a uncomfortable about this I may object in my personal capacity and I know of at least one other person objecting.

FoZR doesn’t have a mandate to object on behalf of their membership yet… If you are a FoZR member please let us know if you wish FoZR to consider objecting.

Everyone has a right to make up their own mind about this proposal.  I just feel that more people should be made aware of it to be able to comment in time should they so desire.

The deadline for comments is 7 August 2017. 

Below please find the Application that was sent to some residents. I would love your comments on this matter…

Planning Application for Cell Phone Tower at Zeekoevlei Yacht Club 2017

Regards Richard

  1. Vanessa Farr07-11-17

    Thanks for the heads-up Richard. I live right next door to the yacht club & have heard NOTHING about this proposal. i endorse your concerns and will write to FOZR asking if a group objection can be applied.

    Best, Vee

  2. Charlene Jefferies07-11-17

    Hallo there. Thanks for notifying us. I strongly object to a cellphone tower in our residential area. I will certainly participate in objection against this.
    Thank you, Richard!
    Sincerely, Charlene Jefferies

  3. Trevor07-11-17

    On what principle will you object?

  4. Dagny Warmerdam07-11-17

    Strongly object to a cell phone tower. I am a mtn user and say a huge big no to a tower radiating over me. I am opposite yacht club and nothing has been sent to me regarding this. Surely there are better ways the yacht club can raise money??

  5. james07-11-17

    Vested interests? A community and a democracy cannot exist when individuals act purely on self-interest to the detriment of people around them. This incident could mobilise our community, who no doubt are in strong opposition to the erection of this (pretty sure of this), or any other cellphone base stations in their neighbourhood…. Unless we are able to find an amicable solution to this matter we will be left with no choice but to escalate the protest process and take this matter further into the public domain. We therefore impore the Yacht Club to reconsider any decision regarding the cellmast on its property- that’s if the yacht club has the right to say no etc

  6. Len Davies07-11-17

    How very interesting that the Yacht Club has not seen fit to inform Club Members of their intentions. The recently-held AGM would surely have been the perfect opportunity to advise Members of the project, but no word was mentioned.

  7. Richard Cammell07-12-17

    This process started two years ago, and when I found out about it I wrote to the manager of the Yacht Club who confirmed that this was under investigation and that they had no news for me at that point. It is a way for the yacht club to generate income outside of sailing because they have had a few difficult years.

  8. Tom Schwerdtfeger07-13-17

    We are all very fortunate to live within the boundaries of a Nature Reserve and RAMSAR site, and as such I feel that it is our duty to protect the natural resources of the area for future generations. I appreciate that the Yacht Club is experiencing financial pressure, which is probably exacerbated by the drought that Cape Town is currently experiencing. However, surely following correct procedures (EIA studies, consultation with residents and other stake holders etc) would be a better option than what appears to be a “Back Door Route” to swell coffers.

  9. MoonDance07-14-17

    I have added a better quality copy of the proposal.

  10. Michael Vulliamy07-14-17

    I an surprized that the club has felt this necessary to keep it from the members! We have recently acquired a property in the UK with 2 leases for these Mobile phone towers included in the deal. I can confirm that the annual rental is very generous and you may find once the members are told what the income is likely to be it may change minds – New rescue boats club upgrades etc could be financed by this new revenue stream. So potentially a good idea but I agree with the theme that the members should be involved. Surely this would need to go through the committee in any event

    • Dagny Warmerdam07-28-17

      It is a pity that this comment is about money.another buy in to something that has the potential to adversely effect a diversity of things, once again fallen by the wayside in favour of consumerism and profit gain. There are many many other viable ways of raising income that the yacht club is clearly lazy to investigate. Instead, like so many others, there is no consideration for the larger picture, nor the residents that should have a say in this. This is not about the yacht club having an entitlement to place whatever they like on their property, they do not own the airspace which in this instance will affect everyone. This tower should not be allowed. It will also have an negative financial impact on all properties within the area. So all residents in fact stand to lose substantially on their investments. A proper EIA needs to be conducted, as well as residents being able to have input.

  11. Helen07-28-17

    Proposed MTN Tower Talk
    ZVYC Commodore Craig Leslie, along with Paul Venter & Louisa Erasmus of Warren Petterson Planning, will be hosting a discussion at the club on Friday 4th August 2017 on the proposed MTN Tower. A walk to the proposed tower location at 18h00, then back to the club upper deck where the talk will take place. All members, Zeekoevlei residents and friends are welcome.

  12. Vanessa Farr07-31-17

    I cannot attend the meeting on the 4th as I’m not in Cape Town at present. Will the minutes be posted, including discussions, figures/amounts? I would also appreciate full disclosure of the process the Yacht Club has followed as it’s surprising to read members remarking that they were never consulted. Who made the decision to erect the mast, how was it made without due democratic process being followed, etc.? Answers are needed.

  13. Michael Julie08-01-17

    I am surprised that anyone would support the erection of a cell phone tower in a protected area that that sensitive flora and fauna. Residents living close to any tower should be concerned.

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