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09 May 2017 Posted by in News and Events | Comments

FoZR has decided to appoint a part-time employee (manager) to, inter alia, be responsible to find revenue-generating opportunities for FoZR’s sustainability and future effectiveness.

Come and Join the team

Come and Join the team

In addition, this person will be required to attend forum meetings, FoZR committee meetings, represent FoZR on the PAAC (Protected areas advisory committee), manage all bookings of the Rondevlei tearoom and the day to day running of said tearoom, plan and support walks, talks and newsletters, liase with city officials (False Bay Nature Reserve management) and manage any staff (interns/ volunteers) utilised by FoZR. You will also be responsible for administration of the organisation, memberships, contributing to the blog ( and facebook page ( and also communication with the FoZR community.

However, currently, FoZR is unable to independently support the remuneration for this potential position, hence payment will have to be speculative. We are offering R1000 a month to cover petrol and phone call costs, (for so long as there is funding available for that monthly amount) and then, once the base minimum of R4000 profit per month is generated from the tearoom, 80% of any additional profit from the tearoom, can be paid as salary.

Applications are invited, closing Tuesday 23 May 2017 at midnight. Please email with your CV, ideas and experience.



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